Ordering is easy! Once you’re satisfied with your design and quote, simply send a Paypal or Venmo payment. The order will be processed same-day if before 6pm or next-day if after 6pm. Standard pins ship in approximately 10 business days, while pins with extra options may take an extra day or two.

Below is the list of standard pin prices, plating options, additional lapel pin options, and attachments. Minimum order is 100.

Soft Enamel Pricing

Hard Enamel (add .10 cents per pin)

Hard Enamel pins are smooth to the touch, rather than having a textured feel that Soft Enamel pins have. The paint fills are on the same level as the metal ridges, as opposed to being slightly recessed below the metal ridges. The process of making Hard Enamel lapel pins is accomplished through several steps. First, the design or logo that you have chosen for your custom lapel pins is die-struck into a copper or metal base (a mold). Second, using the particular colors that you choose, the recessed areas (or cavities) of the lapel pins are hand-filled with powdered glass. The next step is to fire the lapel pins at a very high temperature. This high temperature firing turns the colored areas into a glass-like surface. Each color is applied separately and then fired again, so that the colors do not bleed into one another.

Lapel Pin Plating Options

Additional Lapel Pin Options

Glow in the Dark Options/Colors

Animated Lapel Pin Options

Lapel Pin Attachment Options

*You can get your lapel/hat pin with a double post for free with the butterfly and rubber clutch, but please note if you order a special attachment, there will be a double charge.

Lapel Pin Presentation Options